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Ballet Classes

The classical style, ballet technique forms the foundation for all forms of dance.

Modern Jazz

Classes begin to prepare the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion through interpretation of any musical genre from the rhythm of a drum, to a funky jazz style. Students explore contrast between expansion and relaxation or learn to isolate with style.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is one of the fastest growing areas of interest within the dramatic arts. Grade examinations in Musical Theatre are available for solo, pair, and group work. The three disciplines that are examined in these syllabuses are singing, acting, and movement but, as is the nature of musical theatre, candidates need to demonstrate their ability in these skills through integrative performance. The Musical Theatre Syllabus is available for all ages and levels from prep to Grade 6. Opportunities for tots are provided by the rosettes and stardance awards and professional exams are available for senior students.

Performing Arts School Galway
Performing Arts School Galway
Performing Arts School Galway

Theatre Craft

This exciting dance form encompasses the wide spectrum of productions that are Musical Theatre. Grease, My Fair Lady, The Lion King etc all have diverse styles but all are embraced by the Theatre Craft Title. A dance form for theatrical performance, preparing the body physically through exercise and stimulating artistic ability through dance movement, improvisation and interpretation of music.

Performing Arts School Galway

Tots Classes 3-7 years

The main emphasis is on enjoyment while developing basic skills. Children will be introduced to creative movement, ballet, modern jazz, mime, rhythm, musicality and drama.

Classes will focus on using emotion in performing, different characters, group co-operation and individual expression. Kinesthetic awareness and spatial awareness will also be introduced. Theatre etiquette and movement will be an integral part of this class.

There will be one open day per year when parents may observe exactly what the children are working on. Exams will be available and every child will perform in our annual theatre production.

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Acro/Lyrical Dance Class

Acro/Lyrical dance classes will build flexibility and strength as well as technique.

Adult Fitness Dance Class

A great way to improve fitness, strength and flexibility while having fun.