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       Our annual show is called ‘Into the West End…we couldn’t find the woods’ Featuring comedy, drama and lots of song and dance, directed by West End performer Michael Southern who will travel over each week to work with our students. Want to be a part of this exciting opportunity? open to boys and girls aged 8-21, call or email now 091 516699 pasgalway@gmail.com

Cowboys competition tots class

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               Well done to everyone who took their exams in May……all the results were in the 90’s, excellent work!

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                This term PASG students will be extremely busy creating a video, producing three recordings, preparing for exams and much much more.

If you think you would like to join or know someone who might please contact us today.

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Well done to everyone who performed in our 2017 production ‘Just the Ticket’ directed by Michael Southern, Blood Brothers West End star.

PASG were also delighted to compete in a number of dance competitions through out the term with amazing results all round.

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And lets not forget our wonderful tots who also had a busy year, open days, a guest performance for a charity gig, exams and three shows in An Taibhdhearc theatre

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Tots Show 2 Tots Show 4 Tots Show 5

Well done to everyone who performed in our shows in June! We look forward to welcoming you back for lots of fun and some hard work next term

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Congratulations to all our students who took part in this year’s IDTA Exams

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